Hanne Hukkelberg studies cyber society in new track “IRL”

Norwegian artist Hanne Hukkelberg continues her journey leading her to the release of her fifth album, soon to be announced. After the release of a first single “The Whip“, she shares her vision about virtual reality in “IRL”.

In the track, she explores her fears about being over-connected and losing track of what being social truly means. Are your cyber friends your real friends? How to connect with people if you are not seeing them in person? These are the questions Hanne Hukkelberg is interested in as she explained it over an email:

The lyric is inspired by the parallel reality we live in – the digital reality, internet and social media especially. This has such an impact on my life and I’m often made aware of how addicted I am to this ‘beast’. How can something that is not part of our basic nature be so consuming?

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