Harrison Brome shares lustful new single “9 to 5”

Burgeoning Vancouver-based Harrison Brome shares new single “9 to 5” from his upcoming 4-track EP “Body High” due March 30.

After dropping out of high-school and solidifying himself as a wunderkind over the years with singles such as “Body High” and “Jaded” earning millions of streams, the 21-year-old releases the lustful “9 to 5”. Yet again, Harrison Brome‘s music induces a pleasant feeling, similar to crystal-clear tropical water caressing your body as you swim. On “9 to 5”, the singer & producer takes you deeper into the crystalline water with his trademark falsetto and sultry electronic soundscapes. While he depicts his love affair and the lust of all that is put forth, the Canadian artist hits the nail on the head notably singing: “We’re fucking like 9 to 5”. Sexy.

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Max Keijzer

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