Henrietta – May You Rest

Singer/songwriter Henrietta shared soulful new track “May Be Rest,” following the release of her latest song “Real” a few months ago. To all the lovers of Nao and James Blake, this is your place!

Based in London, Henrietta is leaning towards a more R&B/Soul/electronic route with this new track trying for people to relate more to her music. Her writing is sincere and straight-forward while the production is smooth, reminding us some tracks of Sade.

About the track, Henrietta told us over an email:

To be honest, the track is a bit cheesy as it’s me basically declaring my admiration and love for someone special to me, through this song. I didn’t want to write a conventional pop song with a structured layout and a hook line. I just wanted to write how I honestly felt at the time about a situation I was in, and I feel like all music should come from honest and genuine feelings which I’m trying to emulate as an artist now. Which I guess lead to the makings of “May you Rest” I want people to relate to the track and hopefully feel something from it, that’s all I want to do as a singer/songwriter

You can follow Henrietta over Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

Matias Calderon

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