HighClouds Online Antivirus Party: Magdalena Bay, COBRAH, Dolly Bing Bing…

We won’t let being locked inside our houses stop us from partying! Experience all the fun right from your living room with our virtual party via ZOOM on Saturday April 25th, from 8PM to midnight (CET time).

In the line-up, we welcome Los Angeles duo Magdalena Bay who will play some of their favourite neon-pop bops and COBRAH, whose fetish-pop comes straight from Scandinavia underground clubs. Be ready for our in-home DJs as well, and special performances from the likes of cybersexual artist DOLLY BING BING, Valenciaga, Call Me Brenda, and Minnie Fetish. For all the updates, you can join our Facebook event.


1) Download ZOOM for free

2) Dress up creatively (only if you like it) and prepare your booze

3) On Saturday, April 25 at 8PM (CET), click here and show us how to get physical! This party is a safe space: any disrespectful behaviour will lead to a ban.

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