Magdalena Bay burn calories on the dance floor with “How To Get Physical”

Magdalena Bay‘s new single, “How To Get Physical,” is out on Luminelle Recordings.

Nothing can stop Los Angeles-based band Magdalena Bay. Since the release of their two EPs day/pop and night/pop early 2019, the pop duo comprised of Mica Tenenbaum (songwriting, vocals) and Matthew Lewin (songwriting, vocals, production) has released a long series of (good) singles, and we won’t complain about it. Following up to “Oh Hell,” they have now returned with their first offering of 2020, “How To Get Physical.” Be ready to burn some calories.

“Neither of us are particularly dance-oriented,” they explained. “So we wanted to write an anthem for people who feel awkward when they dance! Ironically this is probably our danciest song to date.”

As usual, their bop comes with a DIY video that you can watch below.

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