How To Dress Well announces new album, shares “New Confusion / No Light”

“New Confusion” and “No Light” are taken from How To Dress Well‘s new album, I Am Toward You, out May 10 on Sargent House.

After an exhausting tour of more than 150 shows for The Anteroom (2018), Los Angeles-based musician Tom Krell aka How To Dress Well grew disillusioned with the music industry and yearned to return to his earlier music-making, where he could create with little external pressure. His comeback single, “New Confusion,” captures his hopeful outlook on life, a rebirth tinged by the fear of isolation. This quest for genuine connection and path toward self-actualization lie at the core of his upcoming record, I Am Toward You, which he describes with this thesis statement: “Hell is where no one has anything in common with anyone else.”

You can listen to the track, as well as “No Light” (feat. Anarthia DLT), below.