I Am Harlequin parodies children’s educational shows in “Minimal”

East London-based artist I Am Harlequin gets out of her comfort zone with “Minimal”, an electro-pop gem featuring her structured, opera vocals.

In the video, directed by Röyksopp collaborator Sean Clancy, you follow an actor playing the role of TV shows made for children. While there is the whole staging of the young-looking setting, there is a hidden message behind it: it is all fake. As the video evolves into something more and more absurde, there is a clear angst behing all of the acting, and you can see it by the face of the presenter. About the track, she explained:

“Minimal” represents a bit of a departure from the traditional I Am Harlequin style – the opera-inspired tones, epic choirs and general sense of grandeur. “Minimal” is none of that. It is as the title of the song suggest – minimal.

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Matias Calderon

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