Indie-pop newcomer Apsley reflects on social pressure on debut track “Sold”

Idaho-based artist Apsley started his career strong! With his debut track “Sold,” he starts the discussion on how society tends to push us into some directions and wonders if we really do own free will.

For a newcomer to start a career with such a serious matter, it’s very bold! He took some time to answer our questions about his inspirations, creative process, the debut track and what we can expect from him in 2017.

Highclouds:Can you introduce yourself to our readers that don’t know you yet?

My name is Jacob Apsley, a new indie pop artist from Boise, Idaho. I started playing drums around age 6, now I’m 22 and I’ve been playing music ever since. By high school I was touring full time in a rock group and finishing my schooling online. I toured for 5 years as drummer. My roots expanded by playing styles including rock, electronic, pop, hip-hip, and R&B. I eventually picked up piano, guitar and the singing. Last year I started writing my own music. It turned out to be a combination of everything I have learned and experienced over the years.

How did you start making music?

When I was really young I asked my parents for a “rock band drum set” (this was before the game, I wanted a kit like Neil Peart!). They went out and got me a toy drum and I destroyed it the same day! Three toy kits later I got my first real kit! I played it everyday, driving my sister mad. That’s how it all started.

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“I’m inspired by nature because it is the most beautiful creation of all” – Apsley

Where do you find your inspirations?

I’m inspired by nature because it is the most beautiful creation of all. I’m usually always staring out at the mountains when writing lyrics or melodies. The first place that comes to mind is McCall, Idaho: it’s a small mountain town with a big lake in the middle of it. My dream is to have a studio there some day!

What can you tell us about your debut track “Sold”?

“Sold” is a song of realization, realizing that all of the pressures bestowed upon us by culture and society can suffocate us from seeing the truth. Are we truly making our own decisions or are we pressured by the fear to always do the right thing in society’s perspective? Understanding this is our first step to living purposefully, then we can grow to let go of fear and see the truth from our own eyes.

How does the creating process work for you?

I usually always start with the beat and then build from there. I listen to what the beat is saying, if it asks for something atmospheric I’ll go that way, if it asks for something funky I’ll expand on that. Lyrics come sometimes with just a chord structure, sometimes further down the creative process. I usually keep going with the song until I start to hear the lyrics. From there it usually finished itself.

What can we expect from you in the future?

I spent the last year tucked away writing daily for this new project. I probably wrote 40 different song ideas; picking out the best ones to release this year. I also got together with some amazing musicians for acoustic versions and remixes of the songs. Which you will see coming out throughout the year!

Do you have any song to recommend us right now?

“Groove” by Torn. I love funk music and this track takes me to a different place. I love it!

You can follow Apsley on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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