Isadora Eden captivates and confounds with “Choke”

Denver-based artist Isadora Eden merges new and old sounds in “Choke”, the latest single off of her self-released EP All Night, out today.

Originally from Massachusetts, briefly stopping into Brooklyn, making her way to New Orleans, and finally settling in the Denver scene, singer-songwriter Isadora Eden‘s nomadic nature contributes to the otherworldly style of her EP All Night, a project that she self-released today. Her moody, acoustic prior releases helped establish the artist as one of the most promising acts to come out of the Denver scene and beyond. “Choke,” the standout single from Eden‘s All Night, shows a filled-out side to the normally understated and quiet musician.

Immediately, “Choke” features big, broad, and aggressive guitar. A cymbal crash introduces the dynamic drumline. Shortly after, Isadora‘s layered, high-climbing vocals make their way into the mix. There is a straightforwardness that almost feels retro with Eden‘s music. Though “Choke” certainly sports the marks of modern day indie music with features like the fuzziness utilized by acts like Snail Mail and the vocal etherealness of musicians such as Tomberlin, “Choke” also contains hints of older greats like Neko Case and Aimee Mann. The mixture of old and new spells for a unique and pleasantly perplexing track. “Choke” is beautiful and unnerving.

Though the lyrics of “Choke” seem purposefully difficult to literally and figuratively understand, it’s clear that the track is about the disappointment that comes with disappointing someone. As a refrain, Eden laments, “I never promised I would make you happy all the time.” The roaring guitar reaches a climax as Eden‘s frustration does, resulting in a cacophonic release of rage. As things quiet down, Eden takes the time to really show off her capacity to communicate emotion with her powerful vocals while indulging in some heartbreaking oohs and ahhs.

Isadora Eden‘s music is beautiful yet perplexing, and “Choke’ marks a fascinating next step in this promising musician’s career.

Claire Greising