J F L E shares experimental tension in new video “Shy Lovers”

London-based experimental artist J F L E is back with a brand new video for his single “Shy Lovers” out at the end of the month.

Following the release of his previously weird video for “Laid To Rest”, Joey Edwards rewards us with something even weirder, pushing the limits in between different genres. The artist takes pleasure in taking us to some place unexpected where lo-fi sounds and tense drums marry perfectly. While he takes it further, keeping the tension to its highest point, he releases a flow of chaotic sounds, giving us an eargasm. About the track, he explained:

For me the most exciting thing about this track is it’s so full of energy and tensions, it feels like it could fold in on itself at any moment. I see the whole thing as a violent implosion, waiting to happen

You can follow J F L E over Facebook and Soundcloud. You can also listen to the audio below.

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