Jae Soto’s “Stable Waters” is a quiet storm about life’s unpredictability

“Stable Waters” is taken from Jae Soto‘s upcoming album, will be released in Spring 2024 via Switch Hit Records.

Originally a session singer hailing from Brooklyn, Jae Soto immersed herself in the world of music, collaborating with large modern jazz ensembles, before embarking on her own journey into production. As a solo artist, Soto delves into the realms of indie and experimental pop, crafting songs that boldly embrace a diverse range of sounds. In the coming year, she’s set to unveil a self-produced album, details of which have yet to be disclosed. Soto has already introduced her new project with “Relax Your Mind” and “Is Anybody Out Here?”

The third single from this anticipated LP, “Stable Waters,” brings the gentle swell of an electric baritone ukulele and whimsical percussion, creating a warm and soft sounding tapestry, that at times, conjures a tranquil storm reminiscent of Sade. Because behind this comforting patchwork, Soto displays great vulnerability and self-awareness. Her caress-like vocals serenade us through a narrative of change and the unpredictable nature of our existence, as she sings: “Stable waters can’t predict the flooding, We carry on like rivers ever knowing.” Using the track as a metaphor, she eloquently explores the various facets of one’s identity, shaped by the passage of time and the everyday trials that propel us toward continuous evolution.