James Blake – Timeless

As for his previous track “Modern Soul“, British radio broadcaster/artist/DJ James Blake shared via his residency on BBC Radio 1 a brand new track called “Timeless”. He also gave a lot of information about his forthcoming album that should be out this year (let’s praaaaay).

“Timeless”, as for his previous tracks, is an amazing electronic track keeping him in the god status. He gave a lot of informations about his upcoming album that we are all waiting for.

During his residency, he declared:

I said it a couple of months ago that I think it’s time to start recording an album because, you know, there’ve been requests. People have been asking if I’m going to record a record, so I did one. It turned out great. Quite long, but I’m really happy with it. It’s 18 tracks long. One of the tracks is 20 minutes long, as well.

Lyrically it felt really sweet tasting in my brain. Like a bright pink piece of cake filled with candy. Very rambunctious in a way. Living life just like a pie, sweeter in the seams, ya know? Life is sometimes rough but you can hit that sweet spot and I wanted to try and write that down. Fantasizing about a way to live and behave and hoping everyone is one board to join in the fruitful haze.

Are we going to complain about a CD of 18 tracks by James Blake ? About a track of 20 minutes ? Of course NOT.


Matias Calderon

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