Japan, Man’s new single “Nowhere to Hide” is a mesmerizing groovy patchwork

Japan, Man‘s latest release, “Nowhere to Hide,” is out now.

Back in 2020, we were blown away by Japan, Man, the project led by Laeticia Acra, who was just 14 years old when she dropped her debut EP, The Bad Days. The collection of funky and mellow bops, accompanied by existential lyrics delving into the complexities of coming-of-age and her life in Beirut, Lebanon, definitely left a lasting impression on us. Earlier this year, Acra treated us to her new single, “Air Conditioner,” before returning with “Nowhere To Hide” a few days ago. Do these recent releases tease an upcoming EP or LP? Fingers crossed!

Reflecting on overwhelming emotions and overstimulation, “Nowhere to Hide” boasts an intoxicating funky bassline as well as a masterful blend of unexpected details and intricate arrangements ; a mesmerizing patchwork that is elevated by Japan, Man‘s distinctive groovy flair.

“In the midst of big and frightening emotions I think people, including myself, get tied up in the illusion that they are alone in the process of feeling these things, and that no one in the world could ever understand,” she explained. “Through the song, I also want to emphasize the panic of being unable to escape negative emotions and being trapped inside a feeling, routine, or bad habit. The thing I want people to take from the song is that feelings are big, and can feel like a tsunami of overstimulation, and all in all that is a human experience, and really, the human experience.”