Jazzboy announces double EP with stunning “Jazzapocalypse” video

“Jazzapocalypse” is the title track of Jazzboy‘s upcoming double EP, due out June 5.

Following on from his tours alongside Eartheater or Agar Agar, Parisian avant-pop auteur Jazzboy – also known to be part of French trio Las Aves – announces the release of his 10-track double-EP Jazzapocalypse. Produced in his bedroom, the project draws from 90s rave, hardcore and goth aesthetic. “I was interested in the first meaning of the word ‘Apocalypse’, which means ‘Revelation’ in Ancient Greek,” Jazzboy stated. “To me, it’s depicting the alienlike feeling of a new self, growing under your skin and bursting out unexpectedly, painfully. The death of a soul, and the birth of a new one.”

Exploring this quest for identity through his numerous questions, the title track boasts on trippy beats and liberating synths. “Jazzapocalypse” also comes with a self-directed, monochrome video in the vein of German expressionism. “The idea for the video was to illustrate the feeling of an inner-apocalypse, in a fantasylike, Shakespearian fashion,” he added about the visuals. “It’s the violent tale of a dying butterfly witnessing the birth of a brand new one. It’s about metamorphosis, cycles of love, death and rebirth.”