Jeannel – Mind Tricks

Cologne born musician Jeannel released her single “Mind Tricks,” which has received upbeat report across board especially after being featured on “Music’s Cool With Chilly Gonzales” on Apple Music.

“Mind Tricks” deals with the early stages of relationships and the uncertainty it fuels. At least, you can only be certain of how much of yourself you give into the relationship, but cannot be certain about the other person and how much they’ll give into the relationship. The track is filled with seduction and soothing vibes and lyrics that listeners can easily relate with.

Jeannel was born into a family filled with musicians and from early on, she was pretty clear on using music as her form of expression. Despite learning music at a performing arts college, her music is primarily influenced by the weirdness of life and how to deal with failure.

She is presently preparing for her new single and perhaps will drop a new EP in 2017. You can follow Jeannel on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud.

Bonus: You can listen to a remix by Raquet below.

Matias Calderon

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