Jessi Lee deals with depression on new EP “Deep Rest”

New York-based producer and songwriter Jessi Lee releases today her EP “Deep Rest” that helped her get through depression, and comes as a light of hope for anyone in the same struggle.

Her music swings between electronic pop sounds and deep R&B vibes reminding the likes of Sade and Rosie Lowe. The EP comes as a collection of different moment a person deals with during a battle against depression and grief. The open title “Human” features guitarist Ben Eunson, who gives a whole intense direction to the track. About it, Jessi Lee explains:

This EP is a collection of songs I wrote during an intensely difficult period of my life. It’s called “Deep Rest” because I was dealing with depression but also hibernating, hiding from the world just working on myself and music. The first track, “Human”, was a song I wrote trying to understand the relationship with myself. I had gone through a deeply personal loss, and felt like I couldn’t grieve at my own pace. This song was a dialogue about overcoming being my own worst enemy, also realizing that it’s ok to work through pain even when the rest of the world is moving on. The music can be summed up in two big sections conveying how I felt stretched, pushed or pulled, quickly or slowly, all dealing with the same amount of space and time. I was really fortunate to have my friend Ben Eunson, an incredible guitarist from Melbourne, Australia, take a solo at the end, really tying together the track and adding some serious energy.

The rest of the EP deals with the same feeling of overcoming a depression deep-rooted in the artist as she adds:

The rest of the songs on “Deep Rest” all deal with similar themes overcoming loss and eventually healing yourself, finding one-ness, and realigning with who you are.

“Deep Rest” is out now and you can listen to it here. You can follow Jessi Lee over Twitter and Instagram.

Matias Calderon

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