Jessica 6 addresses the stigma men face for their transamory in “The Storm Inside”

Jessica 6 is the electro-pop project of ANOHNI and Hercules & Love Affair collaborator Nomi Ruiz. She is back with a classic dance pop anthem about the shame men endure for being romantically and/or sexually attracted to transgendered people.

She started the dialog with her previous EP “The Capricorn” where she opened up about her own experiences. With her new track, she decided to take it one step further where she deals with that moment when they are about to fall for each other. Since the beginning, Nomi took dance music to its roots: creating a safe space for artists to push further the bounderies of our own conceptions of love.

Jessica 6‘ “The Storm Insde” is out now via Park Side Records.

Matias Calderon

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