“Don’t Work Like That” from Jinka is a shot of direct sunlight

Jinka‘s debut “Dr. Ara” EP is due out early January 2019.

It’s spooky season and Jinka hails from Transylvania, but her new track “Don’t Work Like That” is a slice of sunlight strong enough to keep any and all vampires at bay. Far from doom and gloom, this latest cut brings together the cut and shut cleanliness of PC Music with a unique neon grit. Jinka has nods to the tried and trusted Scandinavian alt-pop scene dappled throughout, which lend it a jovial abandon that should not be underestimated. This is the second single from the “Dr. Ara” EP and it looks set to contain more futuristic pop leanings. Though slightly too understated to achieve all-out-banger status, “Don’t Work Like That” is still a much needed injection of light joy.

Rachael Scarsbrook

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