joan share their love for 80s synths in new single “tokyo”

Arkansas-based duo joan share their third single that swings between catchy 80s-inspired synths and heartfelt lyrics.

“tokyo” tells the story of that moment when you know that you are falling for someone but sadly, you are running out of time with that special person. That urge of trying the live the present moment. How to enjoy what is going on right now when you know that the time is counted. Comprised of Alan Thomas and Steven Rutherford, the duo don’t fail in sharing their 80s inspirations. After sharing their first two singles “take me on” and “love somebody like you”, “tokyo” is getting us even more excited about their promising career.

You can folow joan over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Bonus: Listen below to their previous singles “take me on” and “somebody like you”.

Matias Calderon

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