John Errol deals with a ruinous relationship in “What You’re Looking For”

Los Angeles-based newcomer John Errol opens up in his new track about breaking up from a destructive relationship and being confronted to the dating world in new track “What You’re Looking For?”.

We’ve all experienced those moments about feeling self-conscious on going on dating apps, specially after such a bad previous commitment. The brutality of some exchanges can be pretty rough and John Errol opens up about his own experiences, as he explained to us over email:

The song is about that moment where something so familiar abruptly changes—where you can’t seem to recognize someone you were pretty certain of. “Looking” in this case also nods to Grindr culture, and how easy temptation is in the community. I’m not sure what everyone means, to this day, when asking “What U looking for?” or “Looking?”. In my relationships with men, I’ve found there to be underlying deductive comparisons. There is also a level of objectification that I’ve never been okay with.

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Matias Calderon

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