Jón Þór – Stelpur

Figure in the musical Icelandic musical landscape, Jón Þór Ólafsson, better known without his patronymic name Jón Þór, shared his last EP “Frúin í Hamborg” on November 10th via Scottish/Polish independent record label Too Many Fireworks. Listen here to “Stelpur”

Born and raised in Reykjavík, Jón has been a member of many indie bands that have marked the indie scene in Iceland: Isidor, main singer in Lada Sport and Dynamo Fog. After releasing his debut solo album “Sérðu mig í lit?,” he is back with the four-track EP “Frúin í Hamborg” that can be described as a reflection on young love and despair. Even for non-Icelandic speakers as myself, just by the sounds, the track is incredibly catchy and addictive.

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