Kan Wakan shares soothing and gorgeous new album “Phantasmagoria, Vol 1.”

Kan Wakan‘s new album “Phantasmagoria, Vol 1.” is now out on Murmur Music.

After a long wait, Los Angeles-based artist Gueorgui Linev, aka Kan Wakan, has just unveiled “Phantasmagoria, Vol. 1,” the first part of his album trilogy. Recorded with the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra, the soothing and enveloping record notably features the amazing “Molasses,” “I Would,” or the freshly shared “Indigo.” To celebrate this release, the talented Bulgarian producer proposes the opening track “Unlucky” as his new single. It is a perfect sum up of the album: a gorgeous mix of organic and electronic layers, graceful vocals and an orchestral sense of narrative that combines tension and contemplation. Listen to the track below and stream the album on your favourite outlet.

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