Kiiara – Gold (Video) + Hang up tha phone


One of the biggest actual rising star, Kiiara shared her debut video “Gold” but also released her debut EP “low kii savage”, a 6-tracks EP including a new song “Hang up that phone”, that you should check immediately.

On the 25th of October 2015 dropped on the internet one of the sickest track we had heard for a while. A really mesmerizing and interesting track called “Gold” sang by a random stranger called Kiiara. The following month, the singer released another dope song called “Tennessee”, two amazing tracks in a row. That’s what immediately made us fall in love with her and kinda put bugs in our ears about the fact that 2016 might be the year of a huge beginning for Kiiara.
She then continued to release great tracks during the following months, until now, she shared a new track to announce her debut EP “low kii savage” but she also posted a video for her first song ever “Gold”.

Even if “Gold” may have not existed as the singer told on twitter that she almost scrapped it. Glad she didn’t, as the song has been used for some ads and brought her a lot of attention in a way.

In the video of “Gold”, Kiiara basically sits on her almost golden throne during a house party, while being surrounded by her crew. She’s showing us that she’s definitely not about to disappear and she confirms what we thought, it’s going to be a great year for her.

Following the video, Kiiara released the last track of her EP. “Hang up tha phone”, another song produced by Felix Snow. This dark and strong song with high pitched vocals is slightly a bit more RnB than her previous released songs. As usual the collaboration with Felix is a success as he managed to create beats that perfectly fits Kiiara‘s voice and universe.

Stream “low kii savage” on her Soundcloud or below via Spotify.
The EP includes every songs that she released so far.

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