KING shares powerhouse club-shaped new single “Only U”

Danish artist KING is ready to take the world by storm! After releasing a few strong pop singles, her new single “Only U” will finally convince you about her star power.

Produced by Peter Yushichi St James and Christian Nilsson, the track stars slowly with a smooth R&B vibe to explode during the chorus on a house, club-shaped beat that will make you dance until you have no breath. Her delicate yet assertive vocals marries perfectly the heavy-edged production, reminding the likes of a high-pitched Kylie Minogue. About the track, KING told us over email:

“Only U” is the hardest track I’ve ever recorded. Christian and James made me do everything over and over again because they wanted it to be perfect. I’m really proud of this track: the sound, my tone and the lyrics. If a song could be perfect this is the one.”

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Matias Calderon

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