Kllo – Bolide


2 years ago was released “Cusp EP” by Melbourne based duo Kllo and then… well nothing so we forgot about them… UNTIL! Yes, they are coming back with a brand new track getting us excited about what might come after this. Listen here to their exciting electro-pop song “Bolide”.

Capturing perfectly the essence of modern electronic music like Flume, AlunaGeorge, among others, Kllo are coming back with a very mature track, creating a long process on how to comeback to the scene. Why come back if not with a banger? “Bolide” is as exciting as it announces the release of a new EP that will be called “Well Worn” and that is due to be released on August 5.

The energy emerges from “Bolide” as a bomb that is about to explode, exploring our patience for the climax. Synths are married perfectly with singer Chloe Kaul‘s voice, creating a marriage between warm human voices with cold computerized sounds. You can check the tracklist of their EP below and pre-order it here. To buy “Bolide”, you can click here.

1) Walls To Build
2) Bolide
3) Sense
4) On My Name
5) Don’t Be The One
Matias Calderon