Kllo strip down in the piano ballad “Nylon”

We knew Melbourne-based cousins Kllo as two powerhouse electronic producers. In their new track “Nylon” they show us that they know how to put a soul into their music.

With their more minimalistic track to date, the duo show more vulnerability by staying pure to their piano and Chloe Kaul‘s vocals. With power yet moderate emotion, they get outside of their comfort zone digging deeper into their own capacities. About the track, they explained:

“Nylon” is the most minimal track off the album. It was originally a production driven uk-inspired pop song but as we progressed with it, we stripped it back more and more to eventually end up with a piano ballad. It is about disorientation when growing older, but with a mind still too young to take on the serious commitments of what’s in front of you – and how suffocating it can be to try and hold yourself up to those expectations

“Nylon” is taken from their debut album “Backwater” set to be released on October 20. You can follow Kllo over Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

Matias Calderon

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