KUČKA unleashes sizzling, slow-burning electronic track “Ascension”

Multitalented LA-based artist KUČKA releases her second 2020 single “Ascension” via LuckyMe.

Moving from Liverpool to Perth and now residing in LA, KUČKA aka Laura Lowther has been slowly but surely carving her own path on the hyperpop and electronic scenes. Despite her solo output being limited thus far, she has already co-written and collaborated for the likes of Flume, SOPHIE, A$AP ROCKY and Vince Staples to name a few.

Her latest single “Ascension” is another experimental-leaning addition to her electronic repertoire. Speaking of the meaning behind this glitchy electro-pop cut, KUČKA commented: “‘Ascension’ is about the continual growth that we are all undertaking at every stage of our life. We’re constantly faced with new challenges whether we realize it or not and it’s important that we don’t let our fears get in the way of our enjoyment of the process.”

Pairing windy synths and throbbing electronic drums with her delicate, thrumming vocals, “Ascension” features a dark heft under its sweet surface. The production is razor-sharp, managing to wrangle a soundscape that is both earthly and celestial. Becoming clearer as the verses progress, the orchestrated, muted vocals create a real sense of atmosphere. Much like the nature of the track, the vocals too, ascend in clarity.

The track comes with a Dillon Howl-directed video accompaniment that “emphasises our interconnectedness and the depth we can feel through a digital network.” We see this by following KUČKA into a virtual world where she seeks to find the path to inner enlightenment by collecting orbs.

Rachel Chandler