Promis3 escape the weight of daily life with “Simulated Paradise”

Promis3 introduce new EP with amazing title track, “Simulated Paradise”

Being isolated from your friends, family, even coworkers – for weeks on end – can bring anyone down. Although the main health issue during the ongoing pandemic is obviously the coronavirus itself, the consequences of the lockdown are not always strictly physical.

With their brand new release, titled “Simulated Paradise”, Belgian act Promis3 explore the pandemic’s negative effect on mental health.

“The underlying message is about depression and the weight that daily life brings upon us. It’s something we think is also relatable right now for so many people in lockdown all over the world,” explain singer Brent Dielen and pop producer Andras Vleminckx, the masterminds behind Promis3.

“Simulated Paradise”, which also features a remix from Berlin-based producer Chambray, combines all the best elements of synth-pop and house to bring you a euphoric track which, if released a decade or two ago, could have been the perfect soundtrack to the iconic racing games of our youth. Turns out, the video game references are not accidental:

“‘Simulated Paradise’ is about a virtual world to which you can escape,” explain Dielen and Vleminckx. “A world where everything is simulated to your desires and ideals. Rules do not apply, grids are not repetitive, there is no ranking in class, gender, culture,… It is a lifelike virtualization of ‘the holy place’ as we only read about it in books.”

Explaining the origins of the concept, Promis3 credit the desire to “escape from the daily grind and linger in your digital utopia, evade the continuous duty of real-life”.

“You could say that for so many people life is simply an imposed structure that should protect them as a society, but also damages so many of them,” they say. “Burnouts are peaking in numbers and this doesn’t just come out of the blue. Socially and financially, the pressure is increasing, so that large groups can no longer lift this weight, and then break. Leave this all behind by starting up your Simulated Paradise console and let yourself drift away into arcadia.”

To celebrate the release of “Simulated Paradise”, Promis3 are also launching a T-shirt campaign, available on Everpress. All proceeds of the T-shirt sales will be donated to various Black Lives Matter fundraisers. Watch the lyric video below.

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