Kwamie Liv shared two new videos

Danish artist Kwamie Liv was definitely one of the most promising artists we get to discover during 2015. Her track “Higher” made until the 68th place in our Top 100 and her track with Angel Haze called “Pleasure This Pain” is more than impressive showing the true melancholy hidden in her. She is now back in our hearts with not one but two videos : one for “Lost In This Girl” taken from her last EP and one for “Perfect Grace” that announces her new project

By the look of her two unveiled videos, it seemed important to watch them in the right order since you can follow a true story between both of them. It all starts with “Perfect Grace” where you can follow a melancholic Kwamie Liv singing her new track in a cab. She shares a more intimate side of her, where she is trying to deliver a more touching message. She also taking some distance with her R&B vibe we knew about her, showing that she is still hiding some surprises. This track is way more indie-pop where the guitar takes all the space. This track is going to appear in a new project of Kwamie Liv due to be released on March 11

In the second video, Kwamie Liv is joined by her squad (that we already can see at the end of the previous video) where she is having a blast with the track “Lost In The Girl” taken from her previous EP. 80’s ambiance is more than present since the track is purely Italo-Disco inspired thanks to the big presence of synths

We are excited to know more about this project of hers and we for sure are going to keep you posted if any news come up

Matias Calderon

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