KYOTI – Cave In


It is rather difficult to create expectations for new artists since, well… we don’t know them, and there is so much music going on everywhere in the Internet so the competition is ferocious. London-based art pop project KYOTI started their musical career with “Cave In,” an electro-pop gem that will for sure inspire a lot of new artists to choose very carefully their debut because it is the only way to start a career.

Defining their own music as “Chillwave”, KYOTI are inspired by “rich synth textures and polyrhythmic beats.” About the track, they told in a press release:

’Cave In’ is a song about the past and the future, and a friendship caught in the midst. It addresses the increasing divide between people who have grown up together and is a plea to those who have moved on, sold up, and mellowed out, to remember where they come from.”

Inspiring to a world of dreams, the escape will be provided taking you in a travel around earth thanks to their understanding on how to take us in a very sensitive journey, stimulating all of our senses. Can’t wait to hear more from them and for now you can show some love here on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

Matias Calderon