Language Arts share dizzying video for “With Me”

Taken from their album “Able Island”, you get to follow Language Arts travelling all around the US in their dreamy and captivating new video for “With Me”.

Directed by Luke Mistruzzi and Maya Annik, the video reflects the energy the band decide to convey when realising their sophomore album: relatable shoegaze. The band is currently working with Joel Stouffer, better known for his work with Dragonette, in their third album, that should be expected soon enough. About the video, frotwoman Kristen Cudmore told us over email:

The video is a collection of footage we captured from all over North America – from the BC Rockies to the Pacific coast of Oaxaca to Barton Street in Hamilton. We then projected this footage through a giant kaleidoscope and mixed it with archival footage to create a unique form for this meditative piece.

You can follow the duo over Facebook.

Matias Calderon

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