Låpsley – Love Is Blind


From secretly recording songs in her bed room to being signed to XL Recordings, Låpsley gained a lot of experience the past years. Her debut album “Long Way Home” is now out!

Låpsley shared today a video for the main track from the album “Love Is Blind”. The video is conceptualized by Låpsley herself and directed by Cherise Payne.

“Love is blind when the lights go out
Can’t see the shadows flowing
Can’t see the curtains closing and I’m telling you
Love is blind when the lights go out”

01 Heartless
02 Hurt Me
03 Falling Short
04 Cliff
05 Operator (He Doesn’t Call Me)
06 Painter
07 Tell Me The Truth
08 Station
09 Love Is Blind
10 Silverlake
11 Leap
12 Seven Months

This week, Låpsley performed a cover of “Pillow Talk” from Zayn, watch it here.

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