Laurel – Life Worth Living


Talking about our Newcomers of the WeekLaurel was also one of them. 8 Months after her great “Blue Blood”, the talented singer shared a new called “Life Worth Living”.

As usual, her beautiful voice makes every of her tracks a catchy song… but the song itself is quite different this time, she’s experiencing a more alt-rock side than pop. Even if we know that Laurel likes to experiment a lot, for example, she released “Allelopathy” mixtape last year. A mixtape that was electro and experimental, using some samples of FKA Twigs and others… “Life Worth Living” has one of those great rock instrumental with guitar riffs and loud drums that catch your gut while her honest voice is piercing your heart.

In case you’re interested in reading our “Newcomer” article about the beautiful Laurel, it’s right here.

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