Leo Kalyan – Daydream

Sir Leo Kalyan just left his oceanic beats from his EP “Silver Linings” to fly higher in his brand new track “Daydream”. And you know what’s even better? When two beloved and rising artists from 2015 collaborate together… Because yes, it’s an XO‘s production.

We loved his debut EP “Silver Linings” but also the following single “Get Your Love“. The London-based artist is now ready to start 2016, he unveiled a new song called “Daydream” during a BBC Radio 1Xtra show. A sweet and well produced Soul/RnB song that will let you fly away during 3:38min. And in case it’s not enough for you, Leo‘s delicious voice will clearly charm you and you’ll ask for more.

Leo Kalyan: “In my daydream I’m free as a bird”

Yes we can’t get enough too. Does that mean that an album announcement is close? Please say yes. We need way more of Leo Kalyan in 2016.

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