Library Baby release fragile and amorous track “Dragonflies”

Indie-folk duo Library Baby release tender and romantic fourth single from their upcoming debut album Signs & Clues, due out later this year.

Based in North Carolina, lo-fi duo Library Baby compose stripped back, minimalistic yet powerful songs that display honesty and vulnerability. Consisting of Sarah Royal (aka D’est Roy) and Justin Lacy, the pair formed in 2015 after meeting on New Year’s Eve, a liminal time where the duo began their connection. Starting with improvisation and free form song structures, the duo carved out their carefully curated, diaristic sound. Their previous singles, “How I Say My Name,” “Dewy,” and “5:07 a.m.” followed in this oeuvre, creating a world that felt dreamlike, safe but with a hint of danger and unpredictability.

“Dragonflies” however, is Library Baby’s most romantic track to date. Opening with the poetic line “Oh I see Dragonflies in your eyes”, it is a delicate ode to being utterly floored by your lover’s mere presence, and this comfort is also palpable in the more conventional structure of the track. Accompanied by softly plucked, warbling guitars, a dreamily chiming xylophone and Sarah Royal’s ever ethereal voice, “Dragonflies” feels like a heartfelt lament, akin to when you’re so overwhelmed by how much you love someone. Sitting just under two minutes, it has the effect of a sudden, uncontainable burst of emotions.

The track is wonderfully earthy however, calling to mind a dusky enchanted forest where all is not as it seems. “Dragonflies” could almost feature on a modern retelling of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This is certainly one for the lovers.

Rachel Chandler