Library Baby release self-reflective and ruminating cut “How I Say My Name”

North Carolina based indie-folk duo Library Baby premiere the accompanying visuals for sparse latest track “How I Say My Name”.

Comprised of Sarah Royal (aka D’est Roy) and Justin Lacy, Library Baby combine tender, syrupy vocals and expansive and intricately strummed guitars. Having formed in 2015 after meeting on New Year’s Eve and forming an instant musical affinity, the duo started by improvising, playing in free form and embracing the dreamlike, diaristic feel that their songs possess.

Their latest single “How I Say My Name”, the first taken from their upcoming album Signs & Clues, continues much in this vein. Set up as a kind of one sided conversation with herself, we hear Sarah Royal ruminate over ideas of identity, starting with your own name. Exploring the paradox that comes from your name, accepting yourself and larger themes of identity, the track sits somewhere between ominous and tender.

Justin Lacy’s twirling guitar riffs and Royal’s vocals meld together to make an airy combination, one that sounds almost sweet on the surface. Yet the presence of a gloomy sounding clarinet and the lyrics “I warned you”, gives the track an almost menacing effect.

This oddly eerie feel to the track is reflected in the music video, premiering today on HighClouds. Directed by Kyle Sullivan, it takes us back in time to the 90’s. Set in the rural South, we see a woman carrying a pink chair around, making video diaries to warn her future self of her current mistakes.

Of the video, which feels – and is – deeply personal to Sarah Royal, she commented “The music video had me exploring parts of my past and all its ins and outs and pains and in that exploration I’ve seemed to come to terms with where I came from and how it formed me,”

She continued by saying “A lot of mistakes have been made, a lot of sadness has happened, but I’ve experienced so much connection through all of those imperfect times. So much beauty in those unresolved piles.”

Long may Library Baby continue to make us think about the most reflective of things, including but not limited to “How I Say My Name”.

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