Listen to “All That” by Abisha, where she deals with feeling trapped

London-based newcomer Abisha starts strong with debut “All That’ where she shares about her love not feeling right anymore.

As part of her own identity, the young artist feels the need to do bold first moves for her debut. With sultry vocals, slow motion r&b beats and honest lyrics, she follows her inner impulsion to just follow her feelings. Her music has never been more strident when colored in red. About the video and its connexion with the music, Abisha stated:

The video for “All That” is like a huge visual metaphor of the song, that’s why I love it. From the red-lit room to the bath tub and ending being submerged in water; it all symbolises the entrapment that you feel when the love just isn’t right. I hope that this resonates when people watch it and they feel the real vulnerability and honesty within in.

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