LIZ surprises with two new songs “Queen of Me/Could U Love Me”

After the release of her surprising mixtape “Cross Your Heart” in 2016, LIZ surprises us again with two new tracks “Queen of Me” and “Could U Love Me”.

We are always expecting of her to release new music but somehow, she always manages to give us the unexpected. After exploring many sides of her musical skills, the pop star gives us in her new music something that we already have seen but it digs deeper into her personality. Dealing with being vulnerable and honest, we are getting to know her more. About the release of the two songs as whole, LIZ explained:

“Could U Love Me” is a vulnerable love song, and on the opposite side of the spectrum from “Queen of Me”. I wanted to pair these songs together because they express different sides and colors of who I am as a person and as an artist. You can be sexy and fierce, while also being vulnerable and honest.

LIZ‘ “Queen of Me” and “Could U Love Me” are out now.

Matias Calderon

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