London-based artist Lyves shared emotional R&B track "No Love"

Singer, songwriter and producer Lyves returns with a new song titled “No Love”, off her forthcoming EP “Like Water”. The song, which Francesca Bergami – the singer’s real name – co-produced with Sonder (AKA Atu) is what we’ve come to expect of the “Darkest Hour” crooner; drawing the listeners in effortlessly.

“No Love” takes everyone who listen on an emotional rollercoaster of love and the sad end of some relationships. The production is minimalist and allows Lyves’ voice to shine through coupled with the singer’s refined lyricism capturing the intricacy of human relationships.

Francesca’s early years were musically influenced by the likes of Tupac and Seal. It was later on her music taste became diffused with electronic music from the likes of Moby, Boards of Canada and Enya. She explained:

My mother used to play Enya and I always thought it was corny as a teenager but somehow it captured my attention and I think that really influenced the way I produce music.

You can follow Lyves on Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud.

Matias Calderon

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