LOVE SICK escape their fears in “Hope”

After the release of their debut “Bullet“, the Scotland-based duo LOVE SICK unveil “Hope” where they share their everyday struggles.

In a world crippled with fear and anxiety, there is no way any of us can escape to the feeling of suffocation. The duo tries to see some light at the end of the tunnel and stay hopeful about what’s expecting us. Formed by Julie and Shaun, LOVE SICK explained the meaning behind the song over an email:

“Hope” is a song about chasing your dreams envisaging them right in front of you mixed with the struggles and anxieties you have to overcome to get there, with the silver lining being the hope that one day you will. We spent a lot of time traveling between Glasgow and London exploring opportunities and hustling – writing, recording, meeting lots of new people. Sometimes all that hard work can feel like it’s for nothing, but you keep going and this song represents our journey so far.

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Matias Calderon

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