Lucid Express battle civil unrest against an airy backdrop in “Hollowers”

Lucid Express release dreamy sophomore single “Hollowers” taken from their upcoming self titled debut album, out July 16 via Kanine Records.

Formed back in 2014 under the backdrop of civil unrest in their native Hong Kong, Lucid Express is the guise under which the five piece express themselves through airy indie pop and radiant shoegaze.

Finding their sound initially from the “need to hold on to something more beautiful than before. Like close friendships, the band, our creation” out of the chaos that was the Umbrella Movement, their stoic love of music and undeniable bond have led to their 10 track debut album out in July this year, mixed by Max Bloom of the band YUCK.

From the aforementioned album, and following on their debut single “Wellwave”, here comes the more ominous and foreboding single “Hollowers”. Awash with Kim’s hazy vocals, the track oscillates between a state of peacefulness and one of disturbance.

The verses showcase dreamy synths, hypnotic electronic drums and whirring guitars, coalescing to form swirling clouds of breezy sound. However, the crux of the track lies in the scuzzy choruses.

This divergence from the pure, cloud lined verses serves to wonderfully disorientate the listener. It’s fitting then, to learn that the track – like all of their music – was created between the hours of midnight and 4am, forged from that liminal space that the early hours possess.

Born out of a love, respect and concern for their home-city, “Hollowers” calls to mind a sleepy, fluorescent Hong Kong; skyscrapers lit up against the inky sky awash with stars, barely visible due to the light pollution from human activity. It also reflects the political discord that the band was formed against, with the varying tones.

What’s next for the band? A Brexit shoegaze track? If it’s as stirringly light and breezy as “Hollowers” then yes please.

Rachel Chandler