Three Week Dream chooses optimism in a dark world on sizzling “Slip”

Sydney based newcomer Three Week Dream premieres electronic dream pop track “Slip”.

South-West Sydney based artist Three Week Dream premieres today her sophomore single “Slip”. Following on from “birthday”, this second offering revolves around layered synths, and Three Week Dream’s floating, distant voice cruising atop the dreamscape.

Merging aspects of chillwave and electronic dream pop, Three Week Dream seems intent on making thoughtful, chilled out music with a slightly gritty underbelly. As her debut showed, there’s fun to be had in the spaces in between happiness and sorrow.

“Slip” follows in this vein, with a pulsating aura. The track is a textured journey, ebbing and flowing in a way that seems chaotic but also entirely planned. For an artist with relatively little output, who makes their music solely from their bedroom, “Slip” shows an impressive understanding and innate feel for what will have the most emotional impact upon the listener.

There’s something almost cinematic to the throbbing synths and layered keys. Led by the gorgeously clear vocals, “Slip” calls to mind bittersweet movie endings, ones that make you weep one solitary tear whilst smiling.

Of the track, Three Week Dream commented “I wrote and recorded this song in my bedroom. It’s about holding onto feelings of euphoria and bliss rather than becoming overpowered by all darkness in the world.”

Fitting then, that “Slip” seems to toe the line between joyfulness and brazen euphoria whilst still managing to allow for a sense of realism; the cadence of her voice displays a knowledge of the “darkness in the world”. It’s not a song that ignores that bad around us, it simply makes the bold decision to focus on the good. Simply put, that’s a rather beautiful thing.

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