LUH – Beneath The Concrete

We fell in fell with the new project by Ebony Hoorn and Ellery James Roberts called Lost Under Heaven or more commonly LUH, since the beginning. With their new track “I&I“, they won our hearts and now they have shared a brand new track “Beneath The Concrete”.

L͏͢O͟S̸̨͏T́ ̡̕U͝NDE̶̵҉R͏ ̡H́͝E̛҉͢A̸̡͡V̢͜E̢͞N͘

“Spiritual Songs For Lovers To Sing” is going to be released on May 6 and already contains such great bangers, promising the best about its quality. As for “I&I”, “Beneath The Concrete” was produced by the amazing producer The Haxan Cloak who already co-produced some songs with Björk and participated actively to Triangle Records, one of our favorite labels. The album is going to be released under Mute Records.

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