Magdalena Bay are teary-eyed in the club in new bop “Good Intentions”

Magdalena Bay‘s new track, “Good Intentions”, is out on Luminelle Recordings.

Since 2016, Los Angeles duo Magdalena Bay (Mica Tenenbaum + Matthew Lewin) have been comfortably establishing themselves as an essential act of the alternative pop scene with their retro-inspired and DIY visual identity, irresistible bangers and amazing covers. Following up on the stunning video of their apocalyptic banger “Venice“, in which they were trying to survive in an unbearable heat and the consequences of global warming, they’re now back with a euphoric bop that deals once again with a downfall, but of a relationship this time.

Despite being sad at its core, “Good Intentions” is assuredly something you can dance to and, as fans of Robyn, we certainly won’t complain about that point. Actually, in our modern world, multi-tasking is essential so producing tears and sweat at the same is probably valuable. “We’ve always wanted to make a crying at the club-type of song, and this is definitely it,” they explain. “‘Good Intentions’ looks back on a relationship and sways between acceptance and flashes of emotion. We wanted the music to reflect this, so there’s a definite tension between quiet sadness and lush melodrama.” As usual, the track comes with a stunning video but can you dance, cry, and watch it at the same time?

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