Majical Cloudz – Wait & See EP

A few months ago, Canadian band Majical Cloudz released their album “Are You Alone?” making it to the 13th place in our Top 100 of last year with their track “Downtown”. They have now shared via a post in their Tumblr Page to announce the release of a 5 tracks EP of songs that didn’t make it to the last album

These songs they explained “didn’t fit on that album for one reason or another” and that “there is a feeling that links them all together”. You can listen to “Are You Alone?” and the EP “Wait & See” together in Spotify below, check the artwork (very similar to the one of the album) and the tracklist


01 Wait & See
02 Heaven
03 Let Me Lie
04 Pretty
05 My Heart Soaks Up Every Drop of Your Blood

Matias Calderon

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