Indie quartet Mamalarky share laid-back new track “How To Say”

Mamalarky‘s new track, “How To Say,” is out on Fire Talk.

If you don’t know Mamalarky yet, this is going to change for sure in the coming months. At the heart of the psychedelic resurgence, the Los Angeles-via-Austin indie rock quartet, comprised of ex-Cherry Glazer bassist Livvy Bennett, drummer Dylan Hill, keyboardist Michael Hunter, and bassist Noor Khan, is readying the release of their debut album, due out this Fall. And the radiant single “Fury” set the bar high.

Recorded separately from their respective quarantines (each part is a first take by the way), their new offering, “How To Say,” sounds is a product of our boring time.

“It’s about falling in love and not knowing exactly how to say it yet,” explained Bennett. “This concept of shared love-‘you say you love me but what does that mean?’ It’s like…does love mean the same thing to both of us? Can it ever entirely mean the same thing, being different people who experience life so differently? Maybe that’s why they invented the 5 love languages, to reconcile with these little differences in how we give and take and feel love? Maybe this expression that you’re listening to now is as close to an understanding of love as anything else.”