Me Not You get rid of their demons in ethereal track “Eventually”

The New York-based duo Me Not You have consistently released harmonious pop garage singles without ever sounding off-putting. In between jazz influences and electric pop ballads, their new single “Eventually” continues to surprise us.

Even if the track is short (2min), we can’t blame them for going directly to the point. The duo delivers a personal rendition about letting things go, specially toxic old relationships. That instant when you can’t look back, and it feels like a relief. The track expresses that juncture with unearthly vocals and a dreamy production. About the track, Me Not You explained to us over an email:

we wrote “Eventually” almost a year ago, right when we started the band, and kept it in our back pocket until we felt the time was right. now that we’re prepping our next ep “Reckoning 2”, it felt like it has its proper home. it’s a personal song for me… a sort of hyping up of myself to the idea of squashing the beef with someone. the baggage of relationships can linger, and it does no one any good to keep that shit around.

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Matias Calderon

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