Meet LA-based newcomer Moira Mack and her breezy debut “I Worry I Worry”

As I stare down the barrel of a hurricane that the news stations have deemed everything short of apocalyptic, I’m not surprised that a track called “I Worry I Worry” is resonating with me a bit today. Regardless, the breezy debut tune from newcomer Moira Mack is a perfect fit for any calm before any storm, literal or otherwise.

In her music, Moira Mack immediately comes across in a way that treads on paradoxical. While clearly a student of great jazz and indie artists who’ve come before her, she’s undoubtedly still an independent soul – channeling influences like Stevie Wonder and Sigur Ros without ever sacrificing a shred of individuality.

Moira Mack is one of those rare newcomers whose sound is as familiar as it is fresh, like a blanket straight out the dryer.

“I Worry I Worry” is dense with imaginative ideas, yet loosely emotional. Over the course of the track, Moira Mack gently weaves together textures – slowly at first, but in a way that gradually blossoms out into a rich, dreamy mist of neo-soul goodness.

At face value, this debut is a gorgeous backdrop for any rainy day – a perfectly timed one, at that. But, upon a little bit of deconstruction, “I Worry I Worry” opens up to reveal an impressively well-honed and well-varied skill-set from a brand-new singer-songwriter with a roseate voice.

Jonathan Vilardi

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