Crack Cloud pull no punches on “Tunnel Vision”

“Tunnel Vision” is taken from Crack Cloud‘s debut album Pain Olympics, out July 17 on Meat Machine and Tin Angel Records.

Back once again with as much raw energy as ever, our favourite Vancouver DIY collective Crack Cloud are here to rock your speakers with their latest punk-funk oddity, “TUNNEL VISION”. Stylish while still grungy, raw while still sophisticated, these guys know how to set a vibe and make a statement all at once.

If you’ve seen any of Crack Cloud’s previous videos, the post-apocalyptic wasteland that serves as the stage for “TUNNEL VISION” should come as no surprise. Driven by a thick funky bassline, the instrumentation here is at once danceable and hard-hitting, with the latter being made exceedingly clear by the enormous guitar breakdown dominating the track’s second half. As always, there’s a slyly intentional dissonance to the melodies, a sort of manifestation of the explosive messages they carry.

This is feel-it-in-your-bones music: a perfect marriage of razor-edged punk vocals, frenetic grooves, and the constant sense that there will never be a pulled punch in a Crack Cloud tune. The release of the collective’s debut LP, PAIN OLYMPICS, is finally drawing nigh, with the album dropping July 17. In the meantime, enjoy the well-rounded catharsis of “TUNNEL VISION”.

Jonathan Vilardi