Mia Porter teases debut album with intriguing new song “Meditating in Asia”

Discover “Meditating in Asia,” a mesmerizing track from Mia Porter‘s upcoming debut album, set to be released in the spring of 2024.

Just a couple of years back, we introduced you to Mia Porter, a captivating newcomer who left an indelible mark with her art pop and indie folk debut EP okay. Now, the Netherlands-based artist has graced us with a soothing new composition, “Meditating in Asia,” which serves as a tantalizing preview of her much-anticipated debut album.

Collaborating with the Grammy award-winning trombonist Denzel Mendoza, Porter infuses “Meditating in Asia” with an enchanting and ethereal quality. She delves into a more ornate sound while retaining her distinctive and enigmatic songwriting. Her vocal approach, which is also reinvented, weaves a narrative of heartbreak and emotional pain in a most unexpected manner, as she sings with an ironic stoicism, “I won’t be sane nor crazy, I’ll handle it entirely, the day you leave me.”